Parkview is operated by a Board of Directors, one member representing each supporting church.
Parkview staff include a pair of full-time, live-in house parents, evening relief staff, weekend relief
staff, a chef, a housekeeper, and an administrator.
Parkview works in conjunction with local agencies to make sure our residents receive optimal care
and superior quality of life in a family setting within their community. They are well-known and
respected community members, who are supported and actively engaged.


Parkview Adult Foster Care Home, Inc., known by most in the local community as “Parkview Home,”
is a Historical home in the city of Zeeland, Michigan.
Parkview is home to 12 adults with developmental disabilities.
There are six female and 6 male residents, ranging in age from their 30’s to 80’s.
The property that Parkview is located on was initially transferred by certificate from the U.S.
Government to James Vande Luyster on October 19, 1847.
Vande Luyster sold the property to Peter Benjamin on December 22, 1859, who then sold the
property to Henry DeKruif on July 21, 1898.
Hendrik and Hendrika DeKruif built this beautiful Victorian style home in 1899. Hendrik was an
implement dealer who was well respected in the community and especially by the farmers. The
foundation stones of the home were brought to him by many of the area the farmers. He spared no
expense in building the home, and used the best of materials with excellent workmanship.
At the time the home was built, it was located in the center of Zeeland. Some years later, the
business district was moved to Main Street.
In 1923, Hendrika DeKruif sold the home to Herman and Nellie Miller. Howard Miller spent his
teenage years living in this home. In 1948, the home was conveyed to Peter and Wilma Cook and in
1953 it was sold to Albert and Lola Johnson. During the late 1950’s, the Johnson’s operated a
nursing home in the house.
In 1964, the home was sold to Clarence and Tryphena Faber and Stanley and Joanne Ellens to
continue operating and carrying on the business of a nursing home.

Clarence Faber purchased Parkview Nursing Home from the corporation in 1974. On July 3, 1986,
Faber sold the property to Parkview Adult Foster Care Home, Inc., a non-profit organization that was
founded by Zeeland area churches.
The churches originally pledged 5 years of financial support and furnishings for the home, but many
of the churches have continued their support as a local mission program.
On April 5, 1989, the Internal Revenue Service granted Federal Income Tax exemption and
501(c)(3) exemption retroactive to February 18, 1986 to Parkview Adult Foster Care Home, Inc.

Bethel Christian Reformed- http://www.bethelchurchzeeland.org
Borculo Christian Reformed – http://www.borculocrc.org/
Community Reformed – http://www.communityreformed.org/
Drenthe Christian Reformed – http://www.crcna.org/churches/9620
Faith Reformed – http://www.faithzeeland.org/
First Christian Reformed – http://firstzeeland.org/
First Reformed – http://www.frcz.org/
Haven Christian Reformed – http://www.havenchurch.org/
North Street Christian Reformed – http://www.northstreetcrc.org/
Grace Chapel Zeeland – http://www.gracezeeland.com/
Rusk Christian Reformed – http://www.ruskcrc.org/
Second Reformed – http://srczeeland.org/
Third Christian Reformed – http://www.thirdcrc.net/
Vriesland Reformed – http://www.vrieslandchurch.org/
Gospel Community Church-http://gospelcomm.org
Harlem Reformed – http://www.harlemchurch.org/


If you would like to help support Parkview, please send a check to: Parkview AFC Home at 214 E.
Central Ave., Zeeland, MI 49464.

We also have a wishlist for needs at Amazon.com.

Amazon Wishlist

Parkview needs 
Resident gifts 

Did you know that Parkview is a part of Amazon Smile? This is a very simple way you can help Parkview
earn funds. If you are planning on making any purchases from Amazon.com, please consider shopping
at: smile.amazon.com and select:
“Parkview Adult Foster Care Home”, or use this link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/38-2681268
.5% of your purchase prices will be given to Parkview!

Direct Your Dollars
Parkview is continuing to collect Spartan Store receipts. We have raised $2,000 from this so far! Please
help us earn another $1,000 by dropping off your receipts at any supporting church or Parkview.


Contact information
Address – 214 E Central Ave Zeeland, MI 49464
Email – admin@parkviewafchome.org (Jennifer Letcher-Administrator) or
houseparent@parkviewafchome.org (Kate and Zach DeForest-Houseparents)
Home number – 616.772.4424